Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Explorations

I feel like most of our time these days is spent discovering and exploring...not that we're doing anything out-of-the-ordinary or adventurous, but just that Jay is really experiencing everything and a student of everyone. Here are just a few quick photos. Its hard to remember to grab the camera so often when you are chasing a very quick crawler!

Food fun--we've moved to the stage 3 baby food which is chunkier. Jay was protesting adjusting all week, so we had to try a variety of tactics in the High Chair Wars...in the end Mommy won, well, we're all winners here.
The armory-dinner, empty bowl to play with and the remote. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was super helpful. 

 Jay's 1st Barons game and Weston's 7th Birthday and some quality time with his best girl, Sophie the giraffe.

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