Friday, May 29, 2015

Wests Around- Starting off Summer

We left Jay's last day of preschool and headed straight for the beach! Helllloooooo Summer!

 11 days later we cam home!

We've had a great start to summer with beach days, boating, playing at the beach house, friends and family.

We went to Mobile to join Team Loving Lacy for the Great Strides walk...

We've enjoyed the 1st (and 2nd) watermelons of the summer and both were delightful. Jay got the first slice and was thrilled to eat it on the deck at the beach. He's a wise one.

 Joseph and I realized that we met 14 years ago on May 17th at the Flora-Bama. Now, here we are at the beach again so much different, so much better. It was so fun telling the kids and Jay dubbed it our "met day". I think this is a new holiday. Happy Met Day!
 We spent almost all day, every day in swim suits.

  Even after dark.

 These two on the beach are perfection. They play with each other, they play independently, they make new friends. THey are excited about everything and have a ball. We just have the best time on beach days.
 Lizzy has discovered loungnig and has fully embraced it.
 This guy and the sea. Its a bond that will never be broken.

We boogied at the Flora-Bama. 

Fell asleep at the wheel.

Enjoyed time just hanging out.

 I have to laugh and share this to remember how normal it is for building supplies to be delivered when Joseph is around. Some men may go to Lowe's and pick up something to complete a project now and then. Some men may go hit some golf balls on a day off. Joseph? He has building supplies delivered by the truckload wherever we are. Its so normal to me now I don't even ask what they are for, but I do know where to tell the delivery drivers to drop them off. I love that Joseph always has a project, and I laugh because they are literally never ending. Happy Holiday weekend--here's the third wood delivery in two days!!
 We came home and spent one day just playing at New House then hit the McWane center ALL DAY Thursday. The kids were awesome and loved it all. They are perfect ages to enjoy all the McWane Center has to offer. It was just the best.
 Our hour of Itty Bitty Magic City was awesome! They spent about 30 minutes at the greatest water table in the world then played Firefighters and Vet for the rest of the time. Don't miss this if you go--get there early in the day so you can be sure to get a time slot!

 The summer exhibit is all about classic toys--we literally played all day! So fun!

That wraps up the first two weeks of summer! Its been nothing short of awesome so far! We're excited for what the next week brings!

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