Friday, June 12, 2015

Wests Around- Summer episode 2

I've forgotten where we left off with the last post....oh yes, we were headed to the beach again...then again...and..well, you'll see. 

We decided to all ride in "Monster Truck" since it was to be a quick weekend trip to check on some things. Jay didn't sleep at all on the ride down (which is pretty rare) and Lizzy did sneak in a car nap late in the trip (also pretty rare).

We stopped by the "Stink Store" as Lizzy calls it to get some bait. Lizzy and I took car selfies and people watched rather than going in to partake in the bait buying. 

We did a little evening fishing and Lizzy caught 3 red fish!

We spent the rest of the weekend boating and enjoying the weather. 
Home on Monday, then to the Zoo for a "quick trip" on Tuesday morning. We were the very first on the carousel for the day!
I'd planned on spending the morning at the Zoo then grabbing lunch before it got too hot. 
 Ha! We stayed until 4--riding the carousel several times, the train, catching almost all of the shows and Jay going down the big slide a dozen or so times! Lizzy even went down once, but I was too panicky to remember to take a picture. Once was enough for her!

There's a new Farmers Market right by our house on Tuesday evenings and we tried it out. As usual we left with some the most unhealthy choices they had to offer. 

Cinnamon bread, fudge, some yummy chicken salad, eggs and peaches. 

Wednesday was a big errand day, Thursday we spent the morning at church getting ready for Vacation Bible Camp. 

Before we could say "pack your bags" we were off to the beach again. Separate cars this time. 

We got to the house, quickly changed and met the Bradleys for dinner at The Wharf. 

Saturday brought tons of excitement as we all went shrimping in Mobile Bay!

This was a first for Jay, Lizzy and I and it was fun and exciting and I look forward to shrimp season 2016.

Hopefully then we'll catch more of these--

--and fewer tires and crab traps. 

The kids had fun, the moms managed the chaos, the dads worked hard. We shrimped, we played, it rained, we selfied,  some napped, we went home for dinner. 

The kids and I scooted on back to Birmingham on Sunday to finish getting things ready for Vacation Bible Camp, check on the garden and get ready for this week.

Every day we've had VBC all morning then tons of exciting appointments in the afternoon. 

Dental visits 100%

Allergist !00%

Oil Changes, more farmers marketing, lots of to-dos at home because the three of us head to Nashville for a week next week!

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