Thursday, May 7, 2015

Loving Lacy and How You Can Too!

This girl.

She's all things bubbly, funny, bold and delightful.

Sweet Lacy is a great friend to both Jay and Lizzy and these three have a rowdy, silly, sweet time every single time they get together.

We most often see Lacy at the beach, aside from the occasional trip to Tuscaloosa.


She's the world to her parents, our friends Brad and Ashley.

We love her to pieces, which is why we're joining her family and the rest of Team Loving Lacy at the Great Strides Walk to Cure CF again this year.

We've contributed to the cause before, last year joined up with Lacy's team at the walk and this year want to invite you to help fight Cystic Fibrosis and find a cure for CF for Lacy and all of the other little spark-plugs born with it.

Jay, Lizzy and I will be walking laps on May 16 and would love any support you could give to our team.

Lacy has had a great year! She's gained 3 pounds putting her over the 40 pound mark which her doctors are happy about, continues daily breathing treatments and is living life to the fullest as a beautiful, bright, 6-year-old!

New drugs and research to fight CF and find a cure are on the cusp of defeating the type of CF that Lacy lives with. By joining together in the fight we can help sweet Lacy and other young people like her! 


These kids just adore each other and we humbly ask for your help (and donations!) to make this a great year for Great Strides against CF!


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