Wednesday, December 17, 2014


we've been to some fun parties over the past few weeks!

We celebrated Edy's 4th and Eli's 1st birthdays at the Tuscaloosa Barnyard. 

Jay was delighted. Just delighted all day!

 Lizzy was there too, but she's more of a city-slicker playground type.
As in, the only times her feet touched the ground were inside for cake and on the playground. We held her the entire party. Livestock and Lizzy do not mix. :)

 We celebrated at school with a big birthday party for Jesus.

Lizzy again was a touch uncooperative, (are we sensing a theme here??) but I got this cuteness before the actual party began. 

We also joined cousins and friends to celebrate Camille's 4th birthday.

Jay had a blast at his first Chuck E. Cheese party for his classmate, Mills. 

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