Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites-Pre Christmas Favorites

Here we are on the Friday  before Christmas! I'm linking up for Friday Favorites again and for the first time, High Five for Friday.
We have a ton of Christmas celebrating to do starting today and I'm so ready to get this day started!

1. Amazing Ornament
I opened a Christmas card from my sweet friend and photographer Miriam and found this sweet surprise!

I absolutely adore this ornament--and the dear friend who sent it. We used this picture on the front of our Christmas Card this year. I shared some more of my favorites from this session here.

2. Christmas Cards
They are my favorite. Sending and receiving them. I literally smile the while time I'm addressing (120 this year) and love getting them in the mail. As much as I love technology and social media nothing beats real Christmas cards for me.

3. Merry-Merry-Go-Round
Our Christmas Carousel continues to entertain the kids all day and all night. It's their absolute favorite decoration. 

They love the trees too, but I think they will be sad to pack this one away. If you want a peek at the rest of our Christmas decor then this post will show you around a bit!

4. Early Gifts!
Yesterday was one week til Christmas and I let the kids each open a gift. I bought two for sharing since u knew at some point I wanted to give them an early treat. We have been dancing to "What does the Fox Say?" and dressing up our Melissa and Doug Santa all day long!

I picked up both of these at VonMaur in the children's department! 

5. Coffee anyone?
I love this little coffee spot still! It's a cozy corner of Christmas cheer to keep us going strong all day! 

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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