Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in Dixie vol. 5

We had the best time celebrating the rest of Christmas in Alabama!

We started off the celebrating on Christmas Eve Eve--also known as Ham Day!

The kids and I brave the crazies, the traffic and this year the weather to pick up holiday hams for everyone in Joseph's offices. 

then Joseph and Jay go around and give them to all of the staff. 14 hams this year!

We spend Christmas Eve at our house. 
We got ready for church at 2. It was fantastic, then home to celebrate with family.  

We also had a delivery of beef this year, which is why Lizzy is in a cooler!

Waiting for our guys to go to church!!

 We hosted Joseph's parents, sister and her family on Christmas Eve. We served ham and rolls, meatballs, rotel, cheeses, veggies, spinach dip, pickles, apples and peanut butter dip. Lots of sweets.
 The kids played and played and we even played a few rounds of Bingo and Uno before calling it a night. 
I just love Christmas Eve!!!!
 Santa came and was so good to everyone. 
Jay and Lizzy were so tickled that they got exactly what they asked for! Lots of Frozen toys, a Minnie mouse house and more for Lizzy. Jay got a train, planes 2 toys, a digger and Santa even put up a treestand in the dark, cold rain for this guy!!

A treestand with a bow. How cute, Santa!
We got ready (mostly) then high-tailed it to Joseph's parents for more presents. Presents galore. and a huge Christmas dinner. We forgot to shoot these rockets before we left our house and somehow told them it was okay to bring them with us in the car. I blame the overload of cookies and the lack of sleep and caffeine. 
We also failed to take a single picture at Joseph's parents house. 

The day after Christmas I was taking the garbage out and Jay disappeared. two seconds later I found him like this. I am so thankful this Santa gift has gone to the hunting club where it will be much more useful and safely supervised!
Liz and I made it to the mall on Saturday for some shopping and one last whirl on the merry-go-round in the sleigh. Its her favorite!

This Christmas has been absolutely magical. The kids were overjoyed with every single gift and shouted "I can't wait!" (Lizzy) and "This is just what I wanted!" (Jay) more times than I could count. Most importantly they learned a little more about the birth of our Savior and the huge gift we've been given.I prayed today that these memories would stay with me forever and the love and lessons we shared with Lizzy at 2 and Jay at 4 will build a foundation for their faith that will be ever strengthened and shield them from any hurt or doubt in this life. 

I also prayed that I will never forget that last night Lizzy told me about Baby Jesus and that he lives in a nest. Ha!

Merry Christmas to all!! 

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