Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

We dressed as a Kitty Cat, (stuck in a) Tree, and our hero the Fireman!

So much fun!

Jay and Lizzy both had Halloween parties at school this week and we made the most of Halloween (Friday) this year. 

I got Jay a little early from school, got us home and in costume and headed out to trick-or-treat at the mall before the big kids got out of school.

(I decided to give myself a pass and skip trying to get Lizzy to nap this afternoon. I knew it would be hard and then would make us rushed to get out for evening tricks and treats.)

Then we made our annual trip to Dede and Papa's for dinner and trick-or-treating.

Now just for fun, here are our past Halloweens--

this was also the day we found out Lizzy was a girl and closed on selling our house! 

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