Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday Favorites- Big Kid Stuff

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I'm linking up for Friday Favorites today--I have found many fun new blogs to follow from this link-up! I'm so glad to share my favorite moments from our week. 

Just looking back at my "favorite" moments this week I'm amazed at some of the "big kid" moments we're having lately. 

1. Daddy babysat Lizzy for an hour this week while I went with Jay on his very first field trip. I got home and this pulled in the driveway right after me. 

Lizzy. Out of the sunroof. Of Daddy's Monster Truck. Eating a cheeseburger Happy Meal. Dad is definitely the favorite babysitter ever. 

2. We've been out in the woods in our yard a bit this week. Last year this was something Jay and I did while Lizzy napped. This year she's right there with us. (She still naps in the afternoons, just not as long as she once did.) 

Together we're exploring, teaching Lizzy to navigate new terrain and conquering new frontiers. Not really, I mean we live in the city of Birmingham, its not like we're out in the wild--but its flora and fauna and feels like we're the only ones around. 

3. Sometimes when Lizzy and I are out running quick errands, I let her shop on foot rather than in the cart. Then she discovered that some kids get to ride in the cart but not in the seat. I am certain life will never be the same. 

This big girl has not only ditched all forms of high chairs at restaurants, but now the buckled in safety of the cart seat. Lord, help. 

4. Since we do have two big kids and are baby-free we've joined the library and it might be our new favorite-favorite. The kids were in heaven. 

 5. Jay and I have been tending our pumpkin patch here at home for months. The vines have grown and grown, just nothing to harvest. Well, I fixed that this week while the kids were at school and that afternoon they were so excited to find pumpkins in our pumpkin patch!!! (I was so excited that i remembered to get all of the price tags off!) 

Next year we'll plant a few weeks earlier and all should be well--without any help from the Pumpkin Fairy. 

I have to say, I have feared what life would look like when we no longer had a baby and a toddler, but two full-fledged preschool kids running around. These last few weeks have put all of my fears aside. This stage we're in--as challenging as it is--is my favorite so far. Never a quiet moment, but days filled to the brim with questions and knock-knock jokes, little conversations and a million times to learn every day--for all of us. I am loving it--big kid stuff is my new favorite!

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