Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where has the time gone?

It has been a few weeks and oh what a few weeks it has been!!

Mimi came to visit and I forgot to take a single solitary picture. Joseph was out of town and Mimi came to be an extra pair of hands for me so we spent 4 or 5 days relaxing and spending lots of time spoiling Jay, I'm not sure why I never pulled the camera out and I am sorry.

Jay officially turned 3 months old!!  He loves his hands and fingers and is getting really great at picking up toys. Here are some highlights about Jay at this age-
* Sleeps through the night from about 11-8, someitmes we do 10-6:30, but I have to wake him up.
* Takes 5- 7ounce bottles at day and has a rice cereal dinner before bottle number 4. Occassionally his schedule varies a little and he will take 6 bottles, but that is pretty rare.
* Loves to stand up in your lap and jabber, talk, drool and shout to hear his own voice echo.
* Loves his bath, changing table and dressing and undressing.
* Is learning how to balance when seated.
* Will mimic vocal sounds and match your pitch and volume.
*Is obsessed with his hands and watching them work, starting to discover his feet and will soon likely be fascinated with them as well.
*Has discovered shadows and is lots of fun to watch while trying to grab them.
* Grabs hands and toys, his pacifier and plastic links, mostly favoring his LEFT hand.
* Smiles at mommy, daddy and his family-recognizes mommy and daddy's voices and will look for us when he hears us.
* Recognizes the sounds of the dogs (footsteps and panting) and will look for them--he knows to look down at the floor for the dogs.
* Visually recognizes a bottle, so don't leave the empties sitting around.
*Nicknames abound but the most commonly heard is Turkey and all versions of it- Turk-Turk, Turkey Man, Mr. Turkey, Mr., Turkey Bird and on and on. This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving approaching-mommy and daddy have been calling him that since he was about 2 or 3 weeks old.
*We are quickly outgrowing size 2 diapers and have moved into 3-6 month clothes and packed away all of the 0-3 month.

We had a great first Halloween with our little MONKEY!

Then, on November 1--mommy returned to work. After trying daycare for about 4 hours we decided the best thing to do would be for Jay to join his cousin Davis and let Dede (Joseph's mom) keep him while we're at work for now.

I have more pictures to upload from another camera...I promise more pictures coming soon!


  1. "packed away all the 0-3 month clothes"... hmm.... does that mean there are hopes for a baby brother?? :)


  2. You know it!!! Either that or a sister for sure! When you ask?? Who knows. ha.