Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Christ is Risen!
He is Risen indeed!

We celebrated Easter at church this morning then spent the afternoon with the West/Myers crew enjoying these two little blessings most of all. 

The weather was wonderful today and the kids spent lots of time outside. 

Lizzy called "dibs" on the bunny cake apparently. 

We joined our friends at church on Saturday for the egg hunt and got to spend a little time with the EB himself. 

Lizzy really tried to be brave, but just couldn't take it. 

Jay found the Golden Egg and he told everyone he saw all day long. He was so thrilled when he found it, I wish I had taken a picture right at that second, I was celebrating with him and forgot. 

Lizzy was opening the eggs, removing the candy and leaving the empty egg behind. Good plan on her part, but sad for the other little who came behind her and found empty eggs. So I followed her and collected her cast-offs. 

We also celebrated with Jay's class this week with another egg hunt and party. We decorated our own cookies and listened to the Easter Story with our buddies. 

We've had a wonderful week talking about our Savior and the miracle of his resurrection. 

Its a tough topic with Jay and Lizzy being 2 and 3 but today definitely helped make the "Happy Easter" part easier to understand. 

I told Joseph after church today that maybe we'll try for a family Easter pic in a year or two. He agreed that our chances will be better by then. I'll keep my fingers crossed until then!

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