Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend and wellness.

I'd just planned a little post about our little fam celebrating Daddio's birthday yesterday...but the stomach virus had other plans for us.

Jay woke at midnight Friday night with a high fever followed by nausea at 2...he kept the fever and was puny all day so, we visited the after-hours clinic on Satuday afternoon (at this point it was really just fever). Let's just say it was worst between 3-7 Saturday with fever, weakness, stomach issues and at one point him just laying forehead to the hardwood making the most pitiful groans and moans you've ever heard.

He started to act like himself again by Noon on Sunday and is back to normal personality-wise, but still has some lingering symptoms.

Our weekend has been filled with lots of rest with Diego and Max and Ruby, laundry, Gatorade and showers.

We did manage to celebrate Dad with a pancake breakfast and presents and by dinner time Jay was feeling up to blowing out Dad's candles.

So, in our pj's we'll remain. I'm planning a CFA picnic on the deck for lunchtime today with the hope that it will be a fun change from Gatorade, goldfish and laying on e ottoman for my little patient.

So far, Jay is the only one who the virus has taken down. We're praying it stays this way.

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