Monday, October 22, 2012

Orange Beach 2012

So here are the highlights of our much needed beach vacation earlier this month. The West crew spent Saturday-Friday and the Ladds arrived in the wee hours of Sunday morning and had to pack up and go back to Nashvegas in time for Thursday Night Football. :)

We had a great time. Lizzy did great on the beach, although she did not really know what to think at first when I tried to introduce her to a beach nap. She did, however catch on before our time was up.

Jay enjoyed the time in the water and liked digging in the sand and playing in the surf. He was of course very busy, rarely sat still for more than a few seconds and kept things moving.

 Kelsey and CJ were so GREAT to their baby cousins. Jay isn't the best at sharing these days and Kelsey and CJ really played well with him despite his two-year-old-ness at times. Kelsey and CJ had fun and it is always great to love on them and for Charles and KarKar to love on Jay and Lizzy!

 We ate at the Shrimp Basket, Lulu's (no waiting in October), Doc's, The Original Oyster House and got pizza from Lillian's. The adults ate plenty of steamed shrimp too--those nights the kids had sandwiches or happy meals. Life is good!

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