Monday, October 22, 2012

8 things I don't want to soon forget

Just a few notes about life these days and things I don't want to forget--

1. Jay took 2 naps, every single day, like clockwork until 18-19 months old. At the ripe old age of 7 months Lizzy has eliminated her morning nap and decided she can hang until 2:30 before she needs a nap-just like her big brother. The good news is that both kids are on the same schedule (which gives me time to cook dinner) the bad news is that I feel like she is growing up very quickly.

2. Since moving Jay has been eating better at mealtimes and has started eating new things. Hot Dogs, Mac-n-Cheese, Pork Chops and Eggs (he ate eggs until we moved out of our old house, would not touch them while we lived with his grandparents and now magically will eat them again--strange but true).

3. Lizzy has officially spoken. She started "Ba" when we were at the beach and last week added...(drumroll)...."MAMA"!!! Yay!!! :) She also now days "Dada" and "La". That was fast.

4. I hung the very first picture downstairs in New House over the weekend. Hopefully I can add a few more by this coming weekend. I'm waiting for a few pieces of furniture to arrive and scavenging through things we already have. The tricky part is our other homes have always been cream, brown warm, earthy colors. New house is mostly grey walls, white trim. Let's just say I could become a spokesperson for Valspar spray paint these days and have the Rolling Stones song, "Paint it Black" often stuck in my head. 

5. I think we've all found ourselves a little hypnotized by our yard here at New House. The leaves are falling and it looks like drifting snow...then Joseph gets out the leaf blower and we have snow drifts of leaves...anyhow, I think we have many years of some awesome autumns ahead. We also have a HUGE hawk making a nest a few yards from the back door-hopefully he (she?) will let me get a pic. 

6. We're having the kids pictures made this weekend here at the house. I am e-x-c-i-t-e-d!! I can't wait to see Miriam work her magic. I also can't wait to see her plan for wrangling Jay. Pray for us. :)

7. I made a frame/display/doohickey to hold Jay's artwork from school and church. It hangs in the mudroom. The plan is to display things there and when it's full store the "keepers" in a tote/bin and 86 the rest. So far, so good. 

8. We are blessed beyond measure. For all of the good and yuck the last year has been--Life is Good. We are exactly where we are supposed to be and will be for a long time. I am so thankful for this place, this home, this time in our lives.

P.S. I linked up with Kate today for Fun Fridays, so if you are stopping in from there-thanks for visiting. 

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