Monday, December 12, 2011

Tradition Begins Here

**I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today for a SUYL about Traditions. Thanks for visiting. We're continuing this tradition this year, but doing  it this weekend. Here's the fun we had last year. Thanks for visiting and keeping up with us! Merry Christmas to you!!**

I asked Dede what she would like to do with the grandkids every year as an annual activity they could share. She chose cookie decorating and we had our inaugural Decorating Day with Dede on December 3. The boys had fun, made a mess and Jay ate lots of cookies. He thought we were having a snack party and was the only one eating, but I think he got pretty full!!

Before we started. (Note someone reaching for a taste??)

Weston's cookies were awesome!
Love at first bite. 

With a little guidance, Davis was a decorating machine!

Sprinkles are delish!

Lots of red....

Davis was serious!
So was Jay! Yum!

Davis' finished product. Great job for a 2 year old-no mess at all!

The 1 year old at work!

Lots. Of. Sprinkles.
Chew them up, Buddy!

Jay needed some help from Dede.

No assistance required!!

Eat, work, eat, work. 


This may be the last photo of Davis and his paci--I heard their Elf took it during one of his nightly visits! Oh my!!

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