Friday, December 16, 2011

Sneak Peek at Christmas and an addition...

Here's a sneak peek at Christmas and an addition to the mantle at Dede's house this year....

See the stocking nestled right in the middle--that's a new one for our little Elizabeth Katherine--"Lizzy"!

We picked out the name when I was pregnant with Jay so it was already done when we learned we were to anticipate the arrival of a little girl this spring. Just a few days after our gender ultrasound I went to Christmas Village and picked up a bracelet and had it engraved with her initials--(her initials will be the same as Dede's so I knew I wanted to tell Dede her name that way) and some frames for Jay and Lizzy for Christmases to come.

I realized that I had not really included little Lizzy in any of the blogging at this point, but she is on our minds and we will really start to prepare for her arrival after the holidays. It's a little more difficult since we are still on the house hunt and are not sure where we'll be when March rolls around and we become a family of 4!

Note: Dede wanted to line up all of the stockings and holders to make sure everyone fit on the mantle and we do. Since then all of them have come back down as they are well within Jay's reach and Dede and I both thought that he could easily pull them down and conk himself silly with a falling stocking holder. I can't wait until Christmas Day and the rest of the family gets to see our VERY full stocking display!

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