Thursday, August 11, 2011

un-glam party photos

Ah,  how I love to swoon over amazing party pics that capture every well-planned detail and leave the blogosphere weak in the knees over a blissfully perfect child's fete.....I hope those folks have fun at their parties! I know we had a great time at jay's and I wish I had better photos of party details, but I don't. Maybe next year. I can tell you that I was just about to throw out some of the decorations I've been hanging onto for the last few weeks and I just couldn't so it occurred to me to photograph those to keep. Here ya go. It's what we've got. We had a GREAT time and GREAT party.

 Cake topper and fondant gears courtesy of Biddy Bear Cupcakes

Envelope front and back


Banner, tissue tassels and 2 of the 6 large "1"s that hung from doors.
Gear shaped Rice Krispie treats for favors

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