Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food Challenge: Week 1

Something you should know before we get started: As a rule, I am the most boring grocery shopper ever. It really NEVER occurs to me to "shop" while I'm getting groceries. I buy what I know and that is it. I am largely brand-loyal and boring. Some of these things may seem like no-brainers to you but for me this week has really been shaking things up. Overall I think week 1 went well for all of us!

Wednesday Lunch:
Black Bean and Cheese Quesadilla-whole wheat tortilla with mashed black beans, cheddar cheese, toasted (I didn't want to cook it in a pan with added butter), pineapple
Result: Jay loved it! Very Easy. Day 1 is a success.

Thursday Lunch:
Egg Salad Sammy-Easy and a no-brainer? Check and check..BUT since we're breaking the mold here Jay had cereal (like a big-kid) and fruit for breakfast and he is not a big meat-eater, so I thought Egg Salad for lunch would be a good way to get in some protein.
Result: B, the only negative being that Jay isn't really wild about cold foods, but we're learning!

Thursday Dinner:
Chicken and Broccoli Penne the best thing about this recipe? I had everything to make it already at my house! Fast and simple. It's amazing what happens when you look at the back of the box! *Note: I used some Tyson Simply Grilled diced chicken that was already in my freezer, so my version was even faster and easier. Also, I think it would serve 6 people easily. I froze half and we still had leftovers.
Result: A

Friday Snack:
Yummy Muffins from this Yummy Recipe I found over at The Mastins-Whitney mentions when giving the recipe that it could be a little sweeter, so I added about a cup of Golden Raisins that I just had in the pantry. The muffins were good and veggie-packed, Jay ate two for snack.
Result: B+, Daddio was not a fan, but I drizzled just a touch of cream cheese frosting on some that we ate for breakfast and they were much better for him.

Saturday Breakfast:
Multi-grain frozen waffles, cream cheese and strawberries
Result: A+ added bonus of the house not smelling like Waffle House. :)

Sunday Dinner:
Pre-made refrigerated Spinach and Cheese Ravioli--yes, it was convenient and another good way to get a few servings of veggies in without heating up canned, processed veggies, so it achieved my main goal. It was very quick and something I've never tried before. I probably could have made a more wholesome choice here, but it's better than spaghettios and something we could all eat.
Result: C, Fast but a tad "blah".

Monday Leftovers.

Tuesday Lunch:
Chicken Salad and Crackers, Hummus and Crackers and fruit
Result: A++. The hummus was very well received! Maybe it will be helpful as we add more meats and veggies.

That wraps up week 1. I hope to continue our challenge next week so we can keep expanding our wholesome food horizons. I'd love to hear what your kids are eating and what keeps things interesting and healthy for you!

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