Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life at 6 Months!

Jay is already SIX months old! (Six months and one week if we're counting.)

At our visit with the doctor this week Jay weighed in at 19 pounds, 14 ounces. He may or may not have been a maniac on the scale, so that could be less than accurate. He measured a mere 28.5 inches in length...daddy and I double checked and we have him just a hair under 30 inches. Either way 28.5 is the very top of the chart, so the doctor is fine with his weight, even said he would be fine gaining a pound to a pound and a half for his frame- although I have no idea where he would put it!

We got a few shots and a clean bill of health! A great report and a 9 month appointment, hopefully we will have no reason to go before then. (crossing fingers, knocking wood)

Life is FUN these days. Jay is very active and plays all day long. We're still on a great schedule and sleeping through the night 12 hours. Still just two teeth but drooling like crazy. Size 3 diapers are still a great fit, but most 9 month clothes are coming up a little short, literally. There are some john-johns that will still fit if we move the buttons and most of the 9 month play clothes are find for around the house, but we are moving to 12 month onesies and pajamas almost exclusively. Still not officially crawling-Jay gets where he needs to go by spinning on his tummy on the floor or crawling with his lower body while using his elbows and chin or forehead to support the upper body--this is quite bothersome to Mommy since the modified crawling combined with drool, toys and hands in his mouth keeps Jay's face red, a little chapped and bumpy ALL the time. This too shall pass they say.

Jay is babbling a bit but primarily communicates by making the raspberry and motorboat sounds. I promise you Daddy and I can translate the difference between an irritated motorboat and a joyful one as if Jay is using actual words. Who knows if he will ever need to talk!

Mealtimes are still going great, we have added Turkey this week and things are great. We tried a puff and he gagged, so maybe we are not quite ready for snacks yet. We're practicing with a cup and will start adding something to it this month.

And now for the photos....I'm trying to edit myself, but finding it difficult. Enjoy!!

Where's Jay?

There he is! He is a pro at this game and will play anytime, anywhere. 

I just loved how he was trying to "get" the light on his leg. 

Mr. Serious. I get this face ALOT.

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  1. Wow, he is precious!! And what a tall guy!! Love the pictures...especially the one with the sticker on his butt...too fun. :) This age is so much fun!!