Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Country Christmas

To start the Christmas festivities we traveled to Nashville for the first time as a family on the 23rd.Once we checked into our room at The Opryland Hotel (I am native Nashvillian, I am not obligated to use it's full name, sorry Gaylord) we were soon joined by the Long-Russell family for Patience's first chance to meet Jay and a very quick gift exchange. Next year we will plan better and get to spend more time together. This year was lightning fast.

Cadence and Chase are getting so big and were cute as ever.

Then we were off to Charles and Karla's for our family Christmas with Mimi and kids....Jay had a great time getting lots of love from everyone and showing off his rolling over skills. He was also very interested in the wrapping paper and bags...

With pj's on we packed up and went back to the hotel. Christmas Eve morning we were joined by Uncle H for breakfast, gift giving and LOTS of photos. We took Jay through most of the hotel after breakfast. Jay was an angel the whole time- he even napped while mommy, daddy and HG enjoyed a nice leisurely breakfast and lots of coffee and conversation, then spent an hour or two taking it all in...

Jay got to take his first ride in the umbrella stroller--his first time in a
forward facing stroller and boy was there a lot to see!

Kris Kringle and the Penguin at breakfast

Wake up, Jay--this is why we stayed at the hotel!

Teddy Bear topiary

Daddy was trying to show him the fish in the pond, but there was just SO much to look at!

Its a lion! Jay loves lions! Okay, Mommy was more excited about this than Jay, but whatever. 

We also got to visit with both of Jay's Great-Grandmothers in Nashville--but did I take a single photo? No. After visiting with Grandmommy we picked up Mimi and stopped by to see Nanny and Cece, then came home to Alabama. It was a whirlwind 24 hours for sure! 

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