Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Falling in love(y)

Jay has a few loveys (lovies?) that were given as gifts at showers or after his arrival. Off and on over the past 10 weeks I have offered him a lovey during playtime, car rides or times when he seems to want a little something to do with his hands.

Consistently over the past week or so he has always had a lovey with him, sort of as an afterthought on my part. Last night we were up and down, up and down--not needing a bottle or a diaper change just needing a little cuddle then back to sleep. I realized at about 4 a.m. that perhaps Jay needed a little love from a lovey (i have not put him to bed with a lovey at this point)--to provide a soft nuzzle while he drifts between wake and sleep--so I went to his "toy box" and placed a lovey in his hand....then I snuck in to take this picture nearly 5 hours later....

So there you have it. My son has found his first love outside of his family. I am happy he is so sweet and peaceful and can comfort himself this way. I know we are fortunate to have a baby who is so easy on his all-too-new-to-this parents and am so thankful that he is healthy and happy. I am also just a wee bit jealous of that tiny blue bear. Good thing that lovey can't prepare a bottle or change a diaper or we might have some competition on our hands.

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