Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Fun-part 2

It's been so fun spending the summer with Jay and Lizzy and watching them learn and grow.

All I can think to say about it is that it's been perfect. 

Fun, busy, nonstop, silly, sunny, sandy-perfect.

A quick snapshot of some of the memories I'll keep from this perfect summer--

Jay and I took a special trip to surprise him with a bike during his birthday week.

Lizzy and I discovered sponge rollers, aka "curlies".

We saw Planes 2 during Jay's birthday week.

Made a trip to Barnes and Noble during birthday week.

Spent lots of time digging in the dirt this summer.

We met Elsa.

Made blueberry vinegarette with some of the blueberries we picked from our house

"Helped" with lots of jobs including new sod for the front yard and the construction of our first garden. 

Jay took communion for the first time July 27. 

Perfected our beach-going. 

Visited Lambert's for the first time. 

Took a long pit stop at the Peach Park for the first time. I can remember doing that a lot as a child!

Started learning Cracker Barrel checkers-after raiding the country store. 

Went to the RODEO!

....where Jay rode a horse for the first time.

Visited "The Little Zoo That Could" in Gulf Shores for the first time. It was rainy and awesome. It's so small but they have so many animals and you are close to them all. 6 adult tigers and 2 baby cubs and so much more. 

 Note the size of this rabbit. 17 pounds. 
 And how about Chuckie the Alligator?

Enjoyed the Gulf Coast Farmers and Fisherman's Market.

We ended the summer with two kids who were so much bigger and more grown up that we started with. They've really become friends and stick together like glue. I don't think we could have packed in any more fun or made these months any more special if we'd tried. 
 Summer 2014- That's a wrap. 
The End. 

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