Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jay and Lizzy's Baptism

Jay and Lizzy were both baptized Sunday, August 24.

It was a great day for them to officially join God's family and for Joseph and I and our church family to pledge to raise them and guide them according to God's will.

It was also lively. In the United Methodist church, most babies are baptized as infants.
We hadn't found our church to call home when our kids were that small so we decided to baptize them now-at 2-and-a-half and 4. 

The great part is that Jay really understood this sacrament and Lizzy really understood that it was a special day.
And that they were going to put water on her head--just a few drops.
We know that she understood that because she said it over and over during the baptism. You know, the time that our pastor was talking and we were trying to encourage the kids be quiet. Over and over. 

All kidding aside, I do know that both Jay and Lizzy know that God loves them so very much and he gave them to our family and gave them a Christian family to love, guide and support them. 
They fully understood that is was a special day and were so proud.

Quite silly and difficult to photograph, but loved and proud nonetheless. 

We took a zillion photos of this pose with two cameras.
There are exactly zero with everyone looking and/or not cracking up.
The kids were so silly at this point and all ready to play. So fun!

 The folks "behind the camera" trying to make these goofy subjects participate in a photo...

We enjoyed the afternoon with some of our family, all in all it was a wonderful day to celebrate.

We had a "special cake", lunch of ham and rolls, turkey and rolls, seven layer salad, fruit and potato salad.

 Weston and CJ missed the "press your face against somebody" funny!

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