Friday, June 1, 2012

New House

So, maybe I forgot to post about a tiny change we've made....

The night before Lizzy was born we put an offer in on a house. It was immediately accepted and we closed May 16.

Then we began demolishing it. Not really. Just remodeling...and adding an addition. Oh, and a second story. Ya know, 'cause we don't do anything halfway.

So here's the progress after two weeks of ownership, permit approvals, storm water stamps (what in the world?), Jefferson County hub-bub and Alabama Power getting things together for us.

The inside has been mostly gutted, new drive way cleared, and new foundation dug. The footing has been poured as well. (maybe i didn't get pics that day?)

Next week brings stone, concrete, roof removal and framing if all goes well. I'll post new photos as we get more done. 

We'll be in Vestavia with this project done sometime in August-Septemberish. 

Jay LOVES going to the "New House" and I must admit, I do too! Joseph's doing a great job making this next home a wonderful place for our family to spend some serious time in and make great memories. 

Stay tuned!
p.s. this little doll was there too- she approves of everything Daddio is working on

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