Friday, April 20, 2012

Lizzy's First Month

Little Lizzy is one month old! My-oh-my how time has flown!

She's just as sweet as she can be and is overall a peaceful little child so far. She rarely cries, eats every 3-4 hours now and is still sleepy most of the time.

She's 21 inches long and a whopping 10 pounds 5 ounces! I took her for a weight check on her "birthday" and she was at 10-5, I was really just checking to see if we were back up to her 8 pound birth weight. I was shocked when the nurse moved the weight up to 10. At her 2 week checkup she was 7 pounds, 6 ounces, way to go girl.

Here's a brief recap of her little month of life--

- We were nursing, but are not any longer. I tried. I reeaaallllyyy tried. I wanted it to work out, but it didn't. So, after 2 weeks I started to switch her to all formula and she is thriving (hello? up 3 pounds in two weeks? yeah, I would say she was hungry. Sorry Sissy.) I went 7 weeks with Jay so was feeling terrible about quitting so early, but the reality is that you cannot spend 9 or more hours a day nursing, pumping and formula feeding a newborn when you have a 1 1/2 year old. Thank you to Daddy and Dede for all of the time spent distracting Jay while I tried. I know we all feel better since Lizzy is just a bottle baby now.

- The first week home from the hospital, Lizzy and I really spent some quality time together- it was her choice. You see, Little Lizzy had her days and nights mixed up and was WIDE awake every night from about 10 or 11 until 5 a.m.-not crying, just awake. Then she would fall right to sleep about 45 minutes before Jay woke up. It was awesome ridiculous something. It was really something.

- Jay loves her. I think that has something to do with the fact that she can't take his toys yet, but we'll take it. He wants to have her around wherever we're playing and likes to climb up on her crib and peek in. He also likes "helping" so we really have to watch him. Maybe one day his helping won't send me into a cold-sweat-afraid-he's-gonna-squish-her panic. We're working on the concept of "gentle" and telling Mommy to help Lizzy instead of doing it yourself (Like when she is sound asleep in the carseat and Jay decides she must want her paci so he attempts to climb from his carseat to hers and jam it in her face. Yeah, like that.)

-In the last few days, Lizzy has started cooing, and has given us the melt mommy's heart "ahh-goo" sound that I just love. Maybe she will be an early talker like Jay. Maybe we should be careful what we wish for. :)

- Nicknames are still evolving for this one, "Chug-Chug" must be the one we use most often, because Jay has even started using it. "Lizzy Lou" and "Sweet Lizzy" are often used as well.

Here are some pics, taken in Jay's chair. Mainly because she doesn't have a chair, or a nursery for that matter, but we're working on it and hopefully will have some great changes coming up soon. I may always take these pics in his chair for nostalgia.

I'm not using the stickers for Lizzy, but plan to use these numbers instead. I like the idea of her in a diaper cover (thanks, Kate) and hope to use them in her room like the ABC's in Jay's room.

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  1. Im found your blog on Kellys Korner. You have a beautiful family. Im from Alabama myself and I hope you don't mind if I follow along.