Monday, October 31, 2011

BIG News

I'm happy to share some of the most exciting news I can imagine--our little family is growing and we are expecting a new baby GIRL in March!

Let me do the math for you--this will make Jay and his little sister19 months apart if our new little one is on time. :) We can't wait to meet this little one and know life is about to become much wilder richer than we could dream of....

Oh, and we've sold our house!! Also very exciting and the first of many new adventures to come. We closed right after our doctor's appointment today and moving begins in the morning. Everything is nearly packed as I packed about 1/3 of our house when we put it on the market in June, then another 1/3 while we negotiated our contract and have been packing during nap time most days over the past few weeks. Perhaps I will throw the last third in a bunch of boxes labeled "last minute" and sort it out NEVER when I get the chance.

All of this may seem like it could be a tad overwhelming and the truth is, it might be. I have total faith in our family and the Lord and what he has planned for our future over the next few months. (Leaning not on my own understanding.....)

In the meantime we are enjoying our last few days in this wonderful home that Daddio built for us 6 years ago, experiencing all of the adventures of life with a 15-month-old and the changes that come with being 5 months pregnant while chasing said 15-month-old.

Follow us here, on the blog, for updates on the adventure of our new home, new baby and the chaos fun we're having with all that is happening now. I feel like we have so many things going on that facebook isn't exactly the place to "air" all of what is going on these days. You can follow the blog by clicking "follow" to the right or subscribe by email if you want to keep up with us as we prepare for the next chapter and the arrival of "Little Baby".

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