Saturday, October 29, 2011

15 Months

We have a check-up next week, so I will wait until then to update Jay's growth stats....

Lots of new words this month, I doubt I can list them all--Knock, Knock...Tic-a-Teet (Trick or Treat) is one we're working on a lot right now. Shoes, Jenn, Mommy, Daddy, Bump (as in a fist-bump), Pumboo (Pumpkin), Bubbles, Cereal, Down, NO, Door, Poo Poo (when he has a dirty or wet diaper), toes, Marshmallow (mar-meh-yoo), Brownie (now-nies), down

Jay runs and plays all day his favorite spot lately has been in Mommy and Daddy's closet. Particularly Daddy's side. Jay could spend hours there, talking to Daddy's clothes and hats and rearranging shoes and dragging them around the house and back again. He is just CRAZY about Daddy and anything that is Daddy's becomes a most prized possession.

Photo ops are difficult with a 15 month old to say the least. He's running or talking or both in every picture. He's We're just so busy these days that its hard to remember to try to capture the moment. I love everything about this age....even this-

This is what happens when Jay wants the camera and Mommy won't give it to him. (Maybe this is the reason its hard to get his photo, he wants the camera himself.)

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