Sunday, July 10, 2011


Here we are--the last month of the 1st year.

Jay still weighs in at 24 1/2 pounds. No loss or gain since the 9 month checkup.

This little fella is an absolute delight. He jibbers and jabbers all the time and can clap, wave, kiss, "give love", "put that im Mommy's hand", at your request.

He says "bye-bye", "byeluh" (as in "byeiloveyou" when Kelsey was a tiny baby our family started using that salutation and it comes out as all one word--Jay has picked up on that in recent weeks).

"GUUH" for Gus, Precious and any other dog, "Wuh-wuh" usually follows right after once Jay identifies a dog of any kind.

"Go-Go" can be heard anytime we see a car, truck, stroller or ANYTHING with a wheel.

Of course, Daddio answers to "Da-Da" now and Jay often kisses Daddio and says "Bye-Da".

Jay answers the question "What does a sheep say?" with a mighty "Baaaaaaaaaaa" and will pick out a sheep photo or cartoon in any book and Baaaa with all his might.

If you ask about a cat or kitten or we see a picture you will get a high pitched "Mmmeee" out of Jay.

When asked "Where's Jay's tummy?" he places both hands on his tummy and dances with excitement. He also has a few toys that ask this question and it's so fun to watch him interact with them. He also can point out his nose and your nose and is getting pretty good at foot and mouth.

He's about 50/50 with a Mooo response when asked what the cow says. Sometimes he give you a Baaaaa, but then laughs--could he be trying to kid around? As his proud Mommy, I like to think so, but we can't be sure.

Anytime we pass a mirror or see a stranger at the store Jay says "Whoosssat, Whoosssat, Whoosssat?" it's best to try to give an answer because he is definitely expecting it.

He has begun randomly patting his chest and saying "Jay" over and over. I just can't keep up with how much he is learning.

He is a DANCING MACHINE. anytime, anywhere to any rhythm--cell phones ringing, washing machine cycles, the wonky wheel on the cart at Target and any commercial, music or little ditty within earshot and he busts a move.

Not walking solo yet, but it will be soon. One of his favorite games is Open/Close. This applies to anything that can be perceived as a door, drawer, box, book, jar, etc. Good times I tell ya! We also like to play crawl to the bathtub and turn on the water. Full Blast. All Day. This game makes mommy nervous.

Size 4 Diapers
18 month clothes, 24 month jammies

Eats EVERYTHING put in front of him.

**Editor's Note: I am aware that I am late in posting this monthly update. Here we are just 10 days away from Jay's 1st birthday. Yikes. I took the photos almost a month ago, just haven't gotten around to posting. Perhaps we should talk to the lead character in this blog about allowing mommy some down time to document all of the fun we're having. :)

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