Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Picking up where we left off...(Summer ep 4)

Our jam-packed, nonstop summer kept us going--so much so that I got behind in blogging the memories, then summer was over and now here we are mid-way through October--and its time to catch up and keep it moving. 

The end of June brought us back to the beach house until July 6! 


We boated, took in some amazing sunsets, swam and spent time with cousins. 

We did our first rounds of Putt-Putt, played at the beach more then came home for a few days hours, then Karla and the kids came to Birmingham and we all drove back to the beach for a few days.

Jay and Lizzy hid from Kelsey and CJ like this forever. I have no idea why these pictures are sideways.

Karla and CJ had to get back to Nashville for CJ's big camping trip, so Kelsey stayed on with us for more beaching and then home to Birmingham for Jay's birthday week!

We drove in from the beach and went straight in to see Minions 3D. Then next day we did the McWane center forever then went to the Oswalt's for an impromptu Pizza Pool Party. Friday we party prepped and ate Mexican and Saturday we partied...stay tuned!

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