Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter with the West kids was fun, sweet, busy and a tad bonkers this year!

We came back from the beach Friday afternoon to beat the traffic and make it home for a few egg hunts on Saturday.

Sadly, we didn't beat the traffic but the kids were awesome on our 6 hour trip home.
This was us on I-65 for almost an hour. Ignore my dusty/polleny dash. Thanks. 

Saturday morning we were up and ready for egg hunting and had a blast at church.

Seriously, Jay and Lizzy "found" a ton of eggs. Two baskets plus two filled bags.

As we left Lizzy started coming down with a virus, so the rest of her day and Easter morning mostly looked like this-

We did due eggs for the first time this year and both kids were amazed. I was amazed that we pulled it off with no cracks, spills or screams!

The Easter bunny came and did his thing- baskets, hidden eggs in the yard, and he even his our dyed eggs in the fridge! Silly wabbit.

We made Resurrection Rolls and bacon eggs and fruit for breakfast.

Jay and I went to church. If course the service was wonderful!

We came home to pick up Dad and Lizzy then off to Dede and Papa's for lunch with Joseph's family.

The kids had fun and got more goodies!

We came home candied up and tuckered out.

Although everything didn't go as planned and Lizzy was a tad under the weather we had a wonderful weekend celebrating our risen Savior!

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