Monday, November 5, 2012

7 Months of Little Lizzy

Oh, Little Lizzy. How have 7 months passed so quickly? She's growing and learning every single day and I am watching her little infant phase pass by all too quickly.

She's a whopper. I don't have updated states but is in size 3 diapers (I feel like both my kids were in this size the longest), size 5 shoes and mostly 18 month clothes. She has a few 12 month things that still fit but most 12 months are just too small these days.

This month she has really mastered getting where she needs to go and schooches and crawls nonstop. She sits up 100% on her own and if she wobbles she can get herself steady again so she doesn't fall.

She can go from sitting to her tummy and from her tummy she can alllmmossstt sit up. I can tell she's figured it out because we've come in to get her from her crib to find her sitting up. She's still working on doing it without the help of bedrails to pull on.

Still just two teeth, but chewing like a madwoman. She's started eating puffs and other little finger foods and is mastering the chewing motion. I expect she'll eat anything and everything once we get some more teeth to work with.

Lizzy is a great eater and eats breakfast, lunch and dinner (2 food items with oatmeal or rice cereal added to the fruit) in the high chair, has her mid-morning snack in the highchair and takes 2 bottles most days (one before her afternoon nap and one before bed). We're currently working on the details of this transition to one nap thing. Some days I really feel like she would be much happier if she would take two naps, so if she's up early I may try to give her another bottle and try for a morning nap. She's just so busy that she knows she's missing out on things when she naps and must be coaxed into taking 2.

She still does her routine "dada"s "lala"s "baba"s and a few "mama"s. She tries to mimic Jay if he's yellling, having a fit, or just playing loudly. I think she will have a name for Jay in no time.

She's becoming attached to her blankets--i think because she sees Jay with his--so I may have two little Linuses dragging blankets behind them around the house. Oh well, maybe it will help keep the floors clean? A Mommy can dream, right??

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