Thursday, February 16, 2012

17...and 18

SO many changes!

Jay's 18 month appointment went great!
36" tall
30 pounds

Can you believe it??

And at 18 months, 2 days Jay graduated to his big boy bed!

Slept "like a baby" (ha!) all night from the very first night. Jay was SO excited to help Daddio put up the bed with his play-tools and once the mattress was in place climbed right up and said "Bed, Bed, Bed" while bouncing around. We spent most of the afternoon in his room making the bed and climbing up and down while playing toys. I hoped he would be really comfortable for the transition and it worked like a dream.

His morning naps are going well in the bed, and afternoon naps had become a struggle in the crib anyway. (Maybe the light at that time of day, this time of year? Maybe our schedule being busier? Maybe the fact that he's 18 months old and no longer needs 2-2hour naps every day??) So, some days we take two naps and some days just one. Its been tough to keep on schedule this week because Jay came down with a bad respiratory virus and hasn't been feeling great coupled with a mid-week trip to Nashville for three days/two nights in a hotel.

The most notable change about this age is Jay's vocabulary. Seriously. He blows me away with all of the things he says/tries to say, what he remembers and little sentences he's stringing together. Just today Daddio and I realized he now has full conversations with you, not repeating what you say but answering and asking questions. I can't believe my ears some days.

His love for trucks, tractors and all things that go Vrrrooom seems to intensify every day. I'm also becoming quite the tractor-spotter myself and have been known to purposely slow down on the interstate so a garbage truck can pass us so Jay can tell me all about it as we ride along. I LOVE IT.

Jay's eating habits have become quite predictable as toddlers go. Lots of chicken nuggets, soup, crackers, goldfish, snack cookies, yogurt, toast and FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT these days. His veggies are down to corn and refried beans mostly, so I promise, once he gets better, we're upping our veggie intake one way or another. While he's been sick I have introduced Fruitables juice boxes because I've been a bit worried about his nutrition this week and trying to cut back on dairy because of the drainage and cough. He still loves water and has enjoyed this little treat of a bit of juice this week. Maybe we'll stick with it, maybe we won't.

I'm just so proud of our busy, big little Turkey these days. He's really been a trooper with the changes we're going through and is the best little buddy I could dream of.

**I've been terrible about taking pictures. It is what it is. Life is happening all around us and is full to say the least.

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  1. he looks SO cute in his big boy bed!! glad he's doing so well with it. :)