Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hi, chair!

Jay is 12 weeks old today and the time continues to fly by!

In preparation for this momentous day and all that comes with it we set up the high chair a little over a week ago and began practicing sitting in it--here was the first practice session--

Clearly, he was unsure at first. When the big day arrived I was so glad that we had conducted the practice sessions! I was so excited to wake him up this morning to try out eating from a spoon for the first time--I got him up a little before 7 and we were all set for breakfast. From the first bite everything went well. A little drooly, and at a nice slow pace he ate every last bite! Here are a few photos Joseph took to commemorate the occassion-

It wasn't neat, but I didn't want to fuss with him too much. I think we will work on neatness once we have mastered opening and closing his mouth at the appropriate times.

Happy 12 Week Birthday Baby Jay! Here's to many more memorable meals we will share as a family!

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